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What to Expect On Your First Visit to Vitality Health

Expect positivity with genuine interest of your health. Call us 407-930-5863

Whether you’re familiar with a health care clinic or this is your first visit, you should always expect your visit to the Vitality Health clinic to be the most life-changing healthcare experience you’ll ever have.

First, we require that you should fill out an appointment form online or you can give us a phone call to meet with our doctors that are certified in hormone replacement therapy, medical marijuana evaluations, anti-aging skin care, and weight loss. You may experience a short wait before seeing your doctor, but wait times are minimal and is usually just enough time to complete your initial paperwork that helps our doctors get a better understanding of your health history.

During your first visit, your doctor will explain the cause of your symptoms and will follow up with the safest personalized treatment plan that will help you not only feel better but look better! This is also a great time to ask some of your questions by your experienced doctor, so that you know exactly what to expect prior to the treatment, along with any side effects that the treatment may have.


Your Consultation, Evaluation, and Treatment Plan

After a consultation, the doctor will determine the best course of treatment that is most beneficial to your long-term health. Appointments are required as time slots are quickly filled. Your visit should take about 15-30 minutes, so that each patient has enough time to answer any questions that they may have.

If you have specific questions, needs, or concerns, feel free to call Vitality Health 407-930-5863 and speak to our friendly staff members.


$75 New Patient Exam: Includes Consultation, Evaluations, and Secured Appointment Time. Does Not Apply to Meridian Consultation


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It's much easier to book your appointment online. If booking online, you are reserving your spot for the time requested. You have a unique body with unique needs. Vitality Health will guide you there.